Wall Insulation

Wall Insulation

Walls make up the majority of the interior of your building, with the proper insulation they could help you cut down your energy costs immensely. Beyond cost savings on your energy bills, insulation can also help improve the comfort of your commercial building. Ensuring that adequate insulation is installed allows for proper temperature and air control. It will maintain warmer temperature in the winter months and cooler temperatures in the summer months. Soundproofing or installing acoustic insulation can help reduce extraneous noises from outside. We use various methods to install your wall insulation, always leaving a clean work site and a job well done. With finished walls the process of insulating can prove to be tricky, here at Yvon we have a precise method to tackle that problem. We access wall cavities from the exterior by removing your shingles or siding and locating where the insulation will be installed. After our insulation is installed we ensure to repair your exterior wall and leave it looking just as great as before.

We use many methods and products for wall insulation:

  • Roxul
  • Fiberglass Batt
  • Vapour Barrier
  • Cellulose net/Blow
  • Rigid Board
  • Spray Foam

Yvon Insulation promises you excellence and integrity with every installation. We use products that are often pre-cut which make our installations easy and hassle free. In our 40 plus years as an insulation company, we have had the pleasure of working on a lot of commercial wall projects in the Hamilton, Kitchener, Niagara, Burlington, and Oakville areas. We are capable of much more than just wall installations; visit our other services pages to find out more! Call us today to get a free quote on your next wall insulation project!

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