Air Barrier Systems

Air Barrier Systems

Air barriers are systems of materials designed and constructed to control airflow between a conditioned space and an unconditioned space. Air barriers are essential to any building’s overall insulation system. They are the first step in maintaining energy efficiency and improving indoor air quality. Air exchange in and out of a building is a leading cause of escalated energy bills. So, what are air barrier systems meant to do?

Air barrier systems should be:

  • Impermeable to air flow
  • Continuous over the entire building enclosure
  • Able to withstand the forces that may act on them during and after construction
  • Durable over the expected lifetime of the building.

Yvon insulation gives you the guarantee that our installations of air barrier systems will only enhance and increase the role of insulation in your commercial building. Our air barriers include spray foam applications, which adhere to many surfaces and can get into hard to reach places. Due to the importance of a proper air barrier system in any commercial building we only use the best quality products. Yvon insulation uses rigid materials such as, gypsum boards, OSB, plywood, sheet polyethylene, and spray foams when applicable. There are interior and exterior air barriers, depending on which we are working on the materials used can vary. Call us today with any questions or concerns for your next commercial insulation project. We will provide you a free quote!

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